Chiyoko Wallace

NMLS #: 
(858) 673-1231
(858) 357-9922

Chiyoko has been in the real estate and mortgage industry since 1994 full time.  She worked for one of the largest real estate and home construction companies as an in-house mortgage officer for more than 10 years, meeting the high demand for customer service for both home buyers and real estate agents.

She has extensive experience with conventional, government, and home equity line of credit loans. She always targets a closing for “Purchase Loans” in 30 days and she takes the extra step of attending loan document sign-ups with her clients to answer any questions they may have.  

Because of her dedication and quality service to her clients, she received the highest customer service award for three consecutive years at her previous company.

She believes that real estate is one of most important investments for the client’s future.  After gathering the borrowers’ required information, she analyzes their situation, explains the loan options available to them and helps them decide what the best program is for them.  

She does business with many repeat clients, and also receives many referrals from them.  She is experienced with Green Card and Visa holders, and also with purchases and refinance for U.S. citizens who work in Japan. She is fluent in Japanese.