Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed Rate Loans are generally the most popular loans for those looking to buy or refinance their homes. This is due to the security they provide, ensuring consistent monthly payments, without worry or hassle about changing interest rates. If you are planning to own your home for several years or more, a fixed rate loan is likely your best option. The most popular loan program is the 30 Year Fixed Rate, but 20 year, 15 year, and 10 year fixed rate loans are great options to pay down your principal at an increased rate.

Why get a fixed rate loan?

  • Get the security of an interest rate and payment that won't change.
  • Make budgeting easier.
  • Put as little down as 5%.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) have interest rates that change at a pre-determined frequency. If you anticipate a significant increase in your income or property value in the next several years, plan on staying in your home short-term, or would like to significantly lower your payment, an ARM might be the right product for you. Generally an ARM is going to have a lower rate than a fixed rate loan which results in lower monthly payments. Many of our investors choose ARMs for rental properties in order to increase their net cash flow.

Why get an adjustable rate mortgage?

  • Save thousands in payments vs. a fixed rate loan during the initial period.
  • Use the savings to pay down other debt or invest in higher yield securities.
  • Save money if you intend to refinance or sell your home in an expected time frame.
FHA Loans

FHA Loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These loans offer government-assisted alternatives to conventional financing and were originally offered for first-time home buyers with imperfect credit. Now, FHA loans are open to a wider audience including first time home buyers, people with limited access to funds for a down payment, and are even popular options for homeowners looking to refinance.

Why get an FHA loan?

  • Put just 3.5% down.
  • Credit history or income eliminates the opportunity for a conventional loan.
  • Keep more funds available for improvements and upgrades to your home.
VA Loans

VA Loans are one of the only loan programs that still allows the borrower to finance 100% of the home's value and purchase with $0 down. If you are a veteran, member of the military, or a surviving spouse of a veteran you may qualify for a government insured VA loan. VA loans are available as either fixed-rate or ARM mortgages – and never include monthly mortgage insurance (PMI).

Why get a VA loan?

  • Zero down payment and 100% financing on a refinance.
  • Fast approval and minimal red tape.
  • You served our country, you’ve earned it!
Jumbo Loans

Jumbo Loans are loans that do not currently fall under the conforming county limits. Depending on where you live, the price of the home you want or live in may be higher than a conventional loan will allow. We have fixed rate and adjustable rate Jumbo loans including interest only options up to $5 million dollars and up to 90% loan to value.

Why get a Jumbo loan?

  • Your existing loan or purchase does not fit into conventional loan limits.
  • You want more flexible financing.
  • You prefer to keep your liquid capital liquid.